Garden Vacuum

A garden vacuum is also known as a leaf blower, and it is used to clean leaves from the garden. If you have trees around your garden, then the leaves are likely to give you a challenge during fall. You need a good vacuum cleaner to make the process of keeping your garden neat easier. With a good garden vacuum cleaner, all you need to do is to blow all the leaves in your garden without much effort. Go to and find a good vacuum. However, before choosing a garden vacuum cleaner, there are various factors that you need to consider.

Buying a garden vacuum

Size of your garden

The size of your garden will determine the type of garden vacuum that you buy. If you have a small garden, then an electric vacuum will do the trick because you can connect it to the switch and move the extension cord. However, if your garden is big, an electric vacuum might not reach the furthest part of the garden. In this case, you need a petrol powered vacuum that will make it easy reaching even the furthest corner of your garden without much trouble.

Garden Vacuum

Power of the vacuum

If you are planning to collect bigger twigs and leaves, then you need to consider having a high power vacuum. Overpowering your vacuum cleaner will lead to damage in a short time because of overpowering the motor. If your garden is big and you need to collect a lot of twigs, then you need to look for a more powerful vacuum.

Easy to carry

You need to consider looking for a garden vacuum with a strap to make movement easy. If you are cleaning a big garden, then the strain on your arms but become too much. You need a garden vacuum that you can easily hand on your shoulder and make the movement easier in the process.

Garden Vacuum

Shredding the leaves

Choosing a garden vacuum with leaf shredding features is important. Most of the garden vacuum have collection bags, and the collection bag will fill up quickly. You need to consider a vacuum that can shred the leaves first, and this will make it easier because the bag will not fill up easily.