Common Beard Grooming Mistakes to Avoid

Most men take great pride in their beard. They take care of it to ensure it is well-groomed and gives them the look they want. Unfortunately, some men experience loss of facial hair in a similar way to the loss of hair on the head. The good news is that men experiencing loss of beard or who want to have a better-shaped beard or mustache can get a facial hair transplant. For example, those who need the service can check out beard transplant Auckland. The procedure restore and enhance the facial hair and help such men have their desired looks.

Here are some of the common beard mistakes you need to avoid:

Failing to Brush the Beard

well brushed beardSome men do not brush their hair and may treat their beard in the same way. However, this is is not the right way to care for your beard. Combing the facial hair is super important, and you need to do it with the right comb. The first importance of brushing your beard is to train it the way you want it to grow.

And beard like the hair on your head also gets dandruff. Regular brushing helps to prevent dandruff and to remove it if it is already there. Brushing also helps to distribute the oil, whether it the natural body oil or the beard oil you apply. The proper distribution of beard oil helps to keep your facial fur well moisturized.

Not Shaping the Beard While Growing

not shaping and trimming the beardSome people have a wrong perception that the secret to growing a beastly beard is to avoid trimming or shaping it at all. They could not be further from the truth because the facial fur needs trimming and shaping to become fuller and grow faster. The reason for frequent trimming of the beard is that it may have split ends. Such ends make your hair to weaken and become brittle and eventually cracking in the middle. What’s worse, crack and fractures that occur on the hair strand can move down to the root resulting in permanent damage.

Not Cleaning the Beard Properly or Enough Times

well-cleaned beardYour beard needs to be washed just as you do your head hair. Experts recommend washing the facial furs thrice per week so it does not dry out due to excessive washing. However, even on those days when you are not washing the beard, you should give it a good rinse, for example by running water through in the morning and evening prior to applying the beard oil or conditioner. And you must avoid using the same shampoo on your facial hair as you use on your head hair.