Tips for Choosing the Best Interior Shutters for Your House

Interior shutters are installed in windows to allow light into the room. This post is going to help you understand the different materials, cost of installation, and styles of interior shutters. Having uncovered windows is an effective way of enhancing natural ventilation and increasing aeration. Choosing the best types of shutters is not an easy task.

It is important to understand how the different materials will fit in a house when choosing shutters. This means that homeowners should understand these differences for them to select the most suitable ones for them. This write-up is going to help you in narrowing down your search when looking for interior shutters.

Decide On Styles to Use

Interior Shutters

Interior shutters come in different styles including west coast plantation cottage and plantation. Plantation shutters are used in making window frames. They are designed with wide louvers that can open and close easily. This is the most common style of shutters. Cottage style shutters have become very popular in the eastern coast. These shutters consist of small louvers, and they are mainly installed on hinges attached to the window frames.

The west coast plantation structures are commonly used in California. They have larger louvers and panels than the traditional plantation shutters. Windows made from them have a height of 5’ to 6’.

Mulling Over Materials

Shutters are made using different materials. Most companies deals in composite and wood products. The latter are made from medium or high-density fireboards which are covered with polypropylene. Composite products are highly rated because they are more durable than wooden ones. Again, they have a classic look. Basswood is the most common types of wood used in making wooden shutters.

The other great options include aluminum and vinyl. Aluminum products are generally light making them a practical option for making large windows because the other materials are too heavy. Vinyl is mainly used in areas with high moisture content like bathrooms because it is highly resistant to warping even when exposed to water.

Consider Cost

Real wood shutters are more costly than artificial ones. The wooden ones cost 25% more than the composite ones. The other factors affect their cost includes style and brand.


For instance, the average cost per square foot of wooden shutters ranges from 24-30 USD while that of vinyl shutters is ranges from 20-25 USD. Exotic ones are more costly with an average price ranging from 30-60 USD per square foot.