occupancy signs

Choosing Signage for Your Business

Signage is critical to all companies, and it can be used for different functions. Business signs can be used for advertising, showing your guests around and communicating safety measures to your employees. Companies install different signs in terms of color, design, font and the messages used. That said, it is clear that there are factors to be considered during the purchase of signs as discussed below. Read on.


Signs are affected by weather conditions, travel, and general factors. This calls you to consider your environment before buying and erecting your signs. You see the main aim of signage is to deliver the desired message and this what majorly determines the type of sign you will buy. Environmental factors affect the durability and effectiveness of the sign, and hence they should be considered as well.


The message, color, and font used on your signage should come from a well-thought theme. The color used should be noticeable from far, readable font and an easy to read and comprehend message should be used. If for example, you are buying an indoor maximum occupancy sign, the weight and occupancy limits should be visible and clear to everyone.

Design and Size

As already said, the signage should send the right message and give the right impression of the business. It should not be too large or too small. The placement area determines the size. The bottom line is, ensure that you choose a size that communicates depending on the location. People should not struggle to locate or read your signage.

Type of Sign

Do not use specific signage because you saw your competitors erect it. You might be dealing with the same products, but business needs are different. Take this; for instance; you cannot use the exact signage for occupancy limits as your competitor company because your rooms or lift sizes are not the same. You must get signs customized for your business needs. There should be a clear link between the sign and the business as well.


Have you decide on the signage to use, have it in mind that states and towns have regulations on the placement of signs. Research and consult with the local authorities on the type and sizes allowed in the area. You should as well find out if you require a permit to have the signs up.