Reasons on why you should groom your dog

Grooming your dog can be quite a hassle, especially if your dog is very active, which is quite reasonable. Perhaps the thought of sending your dog to the groomer had crossed your mind, and maybe you’re planning to do it. But before you do send your dog to the groomer, there are so many things to consider why you should groom your dog by yourself. Although they are professional, there are some factors to re-consider, such as money, abuse, and many more. Here we have listed several reasons on why you should groom your dog.

cashSaves you money

This reason is a no-brainer, sending your dog to a saloon or a groomer might be a simple solution for you to do. But think again, it cost a lot, and you might have to send your dog for grooming for daily, weekly or monthly depending on your dog’s breed.

Tip: if you have no clue on how to groom your dog, you can watch videos or send it to the saloon and watch and take notes on how they groom your dog, and the last solution is to ask the vet on how to cut your dog’s nails.


dogAvoiding abuse

Although it doesn’t happen every time, there are several cases where there’s a physical abuse when you’re sending your dog for grooming. This kind of violence occurs when your dog is hyperactive and tried to bite the staff, which causes them to hit or even worse inject them with some drugs to make your dog weak for a moment. Again, it doesn’t happen every time, but it is safer for you to be the one taking care of your dog instead of leaving it in the hands of a stranger.

Tip: if you have to send your dog to a groomer, make sure that you look for reviews and avoid sketchy looking dog saloon.


fleasGet rid of fleas and ticks

Don’t be lazy and get to grooming your dog, a clean dog is not a place fitting for fleas and ticks to live. Bathe every two weeks, and brush every week or daily depending on your dog’s breed. A DIY flea shampoo that you can make for your dog is just to mix a quart of water, a cup of apple cider vinegar and a cup of baby shampoo.