Portable Table Saw

Common types of table saws

A Table saw is a tool that is used for woodworking tasks. This is because it has handy features. It is important to note that a saw is made of circular blades that are mounted on the arbors and then driven by electric motors with the use of belts or gears. There is a blade that protrudes from the table’s surface. This blade is used to slice the wood into several pieces.

If you want to have your table saw, then it is essential to know that there are many types of table saws that are available in the market. Therefore, you should identify the type of a table saw you need before you make your final purchasing decision. Also, before you choose your table saw, you should determine the need before you decide to have one. The following therefore are some of the common types of table saws.

Contractor table saw

man using table sawsContractor saws are heavier and larger. Also, they have wheels with a stand or base attachments. However, most people prefer this type because it provides adequate power for running. If you are planning to purchase this type of a table saw, then you should know that you may be faced with difficulties when cleaning it. This is because the motor hangs directly from the saw’s rear making it difficult for you to clean. This is the cheaper saw you can buy compared to other types. Therefore, after you have visited your market, make sure that you have shopped around for this tool.

Cabinet table saw

This is another type of a table saw you are required to know. It is more robust and substantial due to their structure. Also, cabinet table saw are created with steel, cast iron, arbor assemblies, and trunnions. They have more potent motors compared to the contractor table saws. This, therefore, shows that cabinet saw can saw thick hardwood with ease.

Hybrid table saw

Hybrid saws are designed with less powerful motors, and they are lighter in weight. Also, they have been proven to be stable because they have a great arbor bearings and trunnions. Therefore, you should know the difference between the hybrid saw and cabinet saw because they almost have similar features.

Portable table sawsaw

This type of table saw is more beneficial to craftsmen. Also, it is essential to note that they carry almost similar functions as heavier saws but in this case they do it on a lower level. This therefore shows that they may be noisier and have less power.