Reasons to buy your cat toys

The top attribute about cats that appeals to most cat lovers is their playful nature. Cats are one of the most intelligent animals, and to match their impressive character, they tend to be very playful. As a pet owner, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that your cat gets the best environment possible. One way to ensure that your cat gets enough play time is to get the best toys. There is a wide list of toys for your cats that you can choose from. There are very many reasons to get your lovely cat a plethora of toys, and we will be taking a look at them

Why you should buy toys for your cat


Cats also get bored, making them dormant and lazy. This is not a trait that people want from their cats. Cats are very creative and imaginative creatures, making them easily amused with anything they can play with, especially since they are domesticated. In the wild, they would chase mice and birds, giving them sufficient playtime and builds that skills as natural predators. It is therefore only right for us to emulate the same kind of environment for them in our homes. The best way to achieve this is to buy them plenty of cat toys to play and keep them occupied the whole day.


Bonding is crucial for the cat as it is for its owner. There are many ways to bond with your cat, starting from giving them attention to spending a few hours playing around the house. Hence by getting the cat numerous toys, you create an environment that the cat can enjoy and easily relate to. This makes the cat fond of the owner and also provides numerous opportunities to play together, forging a strong bond in the process.


Cats spend most of their day sleeping. In thecat laying on carpet wild, this would be okay given that they would spend a few hours hunting and keeping healthy in the process. On the other hand, while at home, they are provided for and have no
need to go hunting. This encourages laziness and makes them less active. Just like humans, the lack of enough exercise, makes cats vulnerable to diseases. Buying them toys will enable them to get enough playtime, and in the process foster their health.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should get your cats toys and make their lives full of fun.