Different Types of Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are grouped into different types depending on several factors. First and foremost is the swimming pool area/shape, the material used to build it and the cost and time used to build it.

Before settling on which type of swimming pool you want, you should take into account the various types that are available and if they will be best suitable for you and your family. Consulting and hiring the services of companies like Open Water Pools that are specialized in this space is paramount for the best outcome. Below is a guide on the types of swimming pools available.

Types of swimming pools

Concrete swimming poolsConcrete swimming pools

This type of swimming pool can be fully modified swimming pool choice. A concrete swimming can be crafted to various designs and sizes that you want. You can pick from an array of shapes and depth coupled with features such as beach entries, rockeries among others. Finally, concrete swimming pools can be polished off with ceramic tiles, multicolored quartz, vinyl lining among other aesthetically other materials.

Fiber glass composite

Fiber glass pools are linked by easy maintenance. This is because of their non-porous surface, unlike a plain concrete pool which has a highly porous and rough surface, which may support algae growth.

They are easy and quicker to install since the fiber glass walls are manufactured in advance off site. They are a lower maintenance option than the concrete types.

Fiberglass pools come in a range of designs, colors, shapes, and finishes. They are quicker and easier to install for areas that may not be easily accessible. Fiber glass pools can include other features, e.g., inbuilt spas or in-floor cleaning.

Vinyl-lined pools

These could be concrete, plastic or steel walled pools lined up with vinyl. The lining could be customized to suit your required shape and design. This type of swimming pool is cheaper to install than the fiberglass and concrete pools.

The underside with vinyl lined pools is that frequent liner replacement does cost more. In a long time, it could cost more than a fiberglass pool. Also, part of the liner is prone to support algae growth.

Above ground pools

woman meditatingThis is a perfect choice of pools for people who don’t own their own houses. It is also a pocket-friendly choice. Above ground, pools are made of fiber glass or could be vinyl lined which come in various shapes or designs.

They are manufactured beforehand, and they take less time to be installed. Also, the owners can move with them should they move out to a different house or area.